Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hemingway Gets Letters Restored!

Well what can one say besides how amazing it is to have the letters of the great American author Ernest Hemingway restored! I have always found the letters of great writers and artists to be inspirational.

Here is the new article:

and another

There was a classic interview with Hemingway in the New Yorker where he said, "I want to mail a lot of letters to my friends and I want to get a lot of letters back!" When Hemingway has a hard time getting a reply, yikes!

Friday, September 14, 2012

One of the Masters

No commentary about the personal letter would be allowed to see the light of day unless it mentioned one of the masters of the form" Vincent Van Gogh's Letters to his brother Theo"

The Letters of Erik Satie

I am sitting here watching the amazing French film "Diva" and realizing that the composer Erik Satie had some amazing letters. Calling Erik Satie a composer is like calling a butterfly an insect. I will not go into his eccentric nature as that can be found very readily online, but I will say this: He was a man that was known to have only dated one woman his whole life, Suzanne Valadon. After that, his intimacy to the outside world must have been through letters. I actually had the luck to stay in the apartment across the street where the whole incident with Ms.Valadon happened.

Regardless, here is a letter of Satie's for your reading:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The man behind the amazing letters is Charles M Russell! His letters are amazing!

More Artists Letters

I am still trying to find the artist that inspired me to paint with words in my letters. I thought it was Fredric Remington, but, after doing some research, I do not think so. Still, here is a link to some of his rather amazing illustrated letters: