Friday, June 21, 2013

First day of Summer means...

Yep, this means school is ending and Summer camp is in the near future. While I never went to camp (I mowed lawns, watched movies, and rode my bike EVERYWHERE instead), I do remember writing a great many letters at my desk with the music going and the hum of the air conditioner. Since there are no books about letters written by young musicians to people in Connecticut, here is an interesting site about letters from camp: Letters from Camp

Monday, June 17, 2013

Back for a moment or two....

Hello. Sorry I have been so bad at keeping up with this blog but I have been busy with getting ready for a show with my band. I now have to start composing for a new work debut on July 20 as well as get ready for the DC Show seminar I will be giving.

I have been reading this book and recommend it. Satie liked to draw and it shows up here. I am sure you know at least one of Satie's works. Here is his most famous: Some of the Music of Erik Satie

I am horrible at drawing and have spent my writing life trying to paint with words. Get this book if you have the chance:
Satie's Letters

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oooooooooooooops! I WILL BE AT THE DALLAS SHOW IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! I almost forgot! I will be giving my letter writing seminar at the Dallas Pen show in September!

Dallas Pen Show

From the mind of Bill Hicks...

My dear friend from the LA Pen show, Janet Takashashi (See her wonderful world here) told me that I brought a rock and roll sensibility to the pen shows due to my clothes and attitude. If that is true, then the following letter by the rock and roll humorist Bill Hicks is a gem.

Please note: while I do not agree with everything Bill Hicks said, the fact that he chose to hand write a reply made me pause. While the life of a touring stand up comic is filled with free time and very lonely, leaving someone the perfect opportunity to sit down and write a letter, I thought it was rather amazing that he wrote this letter.

Bill Hicks Letter