Friday, September 27, 2013


My deepest thanks to everyone at the Dallas Pen show last Saturday!!! All of you made me feel welcome and were amazing!!! Thank you thank you thank you! My apologies for not getting this up sooner but things have been a bit of a mess with some personal issues.

I used to work as a guitar teacher at Danny's Music in Everett, Washington back in the day. It was owned and operated by an amazing man named Danny Mangold. This store is where ALL the famous Seattle grunge bands used to shop. So, in honor of the anniversary of Nirvana's album "In utero" , here is a letter written by the producer Steve Albini trying to get the gig of producing the album for the band. (He would get the job, but there would be HUGE problems with it and the record company. Read "Heavier than Heaven" by Charles Cross.)

How to get a gig.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hey there y'all! I will not be posting till Dallas so I hope to see you all there! Saturday at 10 AM is the seminar! I hope to see you here!

But, to keep you all entertained for stopping by, here is a fun video about the

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A ghost of things to come?

If I ever make it to this age, I just may wind up like this. (Just without the cool bed and butler.)

My deep thanks to The Kids in the Hall for making me laugh so much over the years.

Getting ready for Dallas next Saturday!

YEAH! What he said,..... from, like, 1876?

I referenced a book about letter writing in one of my lectures. This is not the one. But it seems to be rather fun to read. Like I say in my seminars, technology changes everything. In this book, the author warns against not crossing the "t's" and such. Enjoy.....

Yeah, What this man said!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Before the close of 9-11...

Here is a note passed along from someone who was in the towers. This man's last words were passed from hand to hand to hand....

Rest in peace to those who are gone and peace be upon those who remain.