Thursday, January 3, 2013

More thanks, Philadelphia preview, and bending a rule...

I have been receiving more e-mails from people about this site. Thank you so much! It means a great deal to me.

The Seminar in Philly and LA will be a little different than the DC show. Thanks to the suggestion a great friend, I remembered that so many people in the room seemed like they wanted to WRITE a letter. So this time out, I will be presenting letter writing by writing a letter there, introducing new ideas and history as we go.

Finally, part of the (unspoken) mission statement of this is that I do not go near the sacrosanct enclave of love letters in any way since I find it an obscenity to place anything that personal under the scrutiny of style, content analysis, or objectification. BUT, this morning I could not get the following song out of my head. It is by Natalie Merchant and I have  been in love with it the moment I heard it years ago. I hope you like it.

PS: Hate to keep mentioning it, but you can see some of my other work here:

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