Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014 Pen Show Instructions


Last year at the seminar we used quotes as a way to start getting the creative ways flowing for letter writing. This year we will be doing lists!

The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees one's self of the chains that shackle the spirit. ~ Igor Stravinsky

Instruction sheet:

Please make sure you take TWO pieces of stationery as well as an envelope and a blank piece of paper. They have been made with lines cutting them in half for organizationa/architectural l purposes.

Think about the person you want to write to and, on the blank piece of paper, write down a list of three things you have never told them. It does not have to be anything too deep or emotional if you wish.

3 great/interesting things you saw at the pen show
3 places you have always wanted to go
3 places you regret going
3 memories from your childhood
3 pieces of art that you love
3 books that changed your life
3 songs/pieces of Music that changed your life

If you can’t think of 3 then do 2. No worries

Now, put that to the side, and start the letter by:

1) Placing the date and place in the upper right hand corner

2) Giving the salutation (Dear...)

3) Start the letter with a greeting and be sure to mention the last time you spoke/wrote to each other. Also tell them you are writing from the pen show!!

4) Now, segue into it by saying something like, “Ya’ know, I want to let you know a few of my ‘___________’ “ and write down your first thing from the list and write about it. How and what you write depends on how close you are to this person. There is no wrong or right answer for this.

“Okay, so I am now going to tell you about a few insane things that happened to me recently. I was playing a show a few days ago where I finally debuted as a spoken word artist at a capacity crowd at a bar near here and afterwards, some guy I did not see since graduating 8th grade shows up! I barely recognize him. We start talking and he says he remembers that I played a red guitar in 8th grade and how amazing he thought I was because I played ‘Smoke on the Water.’ Okay, this is insane because I cannot ever remember having a red guitar and I never liked Deep Purple! Yeah, okay, I played guitar but I would swear it was during the Summer of 8th grade! I didn’t want to debate the guy, but it is very bizarre when someone else remembers more about your life than you!

“The next thing was just sad. Chris and I went into NYC to see ‘Waiting for Godot’ with Patrick Stewart. During intermission, I saw guys huddled together around their cell phones mumbling things like ‘dead,’ ‘drugs,’ etc. I asked what was going on. They said that Philip Seymour Hoffman had died in NYC from a heroin overdose. I returned to our seats in a heavy fog. The second half of the play which deals with the question of continuing on regardless of despair seemed to hit a bit hard. It was a long train ride home under cold grey skies.

Finally, on my way back from the studio where I was being evaluated for voice overs, I saw a clown car get into an accident with a group of anti-vegan pink pong protesters outside a pet store that sold only used crickets. Things got crazy when a bus of nuns got involved... did I mention I have been drinking too much Red Bull and not slept for almost a week?”



Use the last sheet of stationery (take more if you need it) and write out your conclusion to the letter with your final salutation wishing them well and hoping they will write soon.
Final Salutation and signature and you are done.

All original contents copyright Michael Kovacs 2014.

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